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Hiding 'Owies,' Healing People: How My Time On The Yakama Reservation Drove Me To Osteopathy

Shadowing a local the osteopathic physician, PNWU student Aaron Nott watched as the doctor stitched closed wounds on the face of a Native American sexual assault victim. As he listened, he realized that the doctor wasn’t simply treating a patient, but instead creating a meaningful connecting to a person. Today, Aaron is using that experience to fuel his pursuit of a a career as an osteopath.

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Rural America's Noxious Normal: An Inside Look at the Rural Healthcare Shortage

Growing up in a rural Northwest town, PNWU’s Jade Taylor accepted the precarious state of the towns health care services as a normal part of life. Today, as a second-year medical student, Taylor is looking to shed light on the potentially-lethal circumstances facing so many people across rural America and explain why the current “normal” can no longer be accepted.

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