An Eye Witness to Mission Fulfillment

I felt so safe sitting back and watching everyone else write things for the PNWU blog. I could rest comfortably knowing that each piece published represented a unique perspective from a trusted member of our community. Their stories were great, and I didn’t feel I had much to add to the storytelling that was occurring. That was until now.

I feel I must share a recent experience, not only because I feel it is blog worthy, but because it had a profound impact on me.

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Dean O'Driscoll
The Power of Vulnerability

Few people are lucky enough to be completely vulnerable.

I bet you reread that sentence. Don’t feel bad; before I became a medical school student, I would have had the same confused expression on my face as you likely do right now.

As a society, we associate the word “vulnerable” with weakness, helplessness, and inadequacy. Most of us put on a façade of absolute strength every day. We hide our insecurities, struggles and stresses to a certain degree. Why?

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Stephanie Truong
Finding Your "Rules to Live By"

I’ve been struggling a lot recently with keeping track of who I am.

This might sound dramatic - it’s not. Becoming a medical student has created the challenge of maintaining a sense of “me” like nothing I’ve ever experience before.

On top of my academics, I’ve become swept up in the excitement of being involved in a myriad of clubs, volunteering, research, and student government activities. While all of this has been incredibly rewarding. I seem to keep running into the same question at the end of my busy day: how do I stay Sarah?

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Sarah Knight
Becoming the Problem: I Wasted the ER's Time, Here's What I Learned

I am wasting the time of the emergency room staff. Please stop me.

This is not the blog post I intended to write. Instead, I intended to write about the how emergency rooms should be used for LIFE THREATENING emergencies only.

I wanted to talk to you about the sniffles of children, the coughs and wheezes of heavy smokers and the ever-urgent complaint of “I need a refill” that echo in emergency rooms across the country.

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One Team, One Mission

That morning was frigid -- the type of bitter cold that reminded you that winter was just around the corner. Our Emergency Department (ED) received the dispatch that a Jane Doe was en route. A couple on their morning hike in the foothills had found her. She was wearing cut off jean shorts and a blue tank top. She arrived with a paramedic on top of her performing CPR. She was purple -- so purple that she looked almost cartoon-like.

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Ashley Scott
How I Got Over Telling My Doctors I'm Gay

Discussing anything about sexual health at the doctor’s office is always awkward. I had been seeing my family doctor for almost 14 years before we fell into the topic, and when it finally came around, I had no idea how to react. I hadn’t even told any of my family that I was gay, let alone my doctor. And to make things worse, I deeply respected him; he was one of the primary people who inspired me to want to be a doctor in the first place. I didn’t want to let him down. 

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