Reconnecting Through Creation: Bear Finds a Home


Below, you’ll find a poem I recently wrote about my dog. Probably not what you were expecting when you came to the PNWU Health Blog, huh? Well, I’m happy to report that “health” – and especially self-care – exists in a variety of forms. 

I’ve found a creative outlet can be one of the greatest remedies to my moments of overwhelming stress. Just giving myself something creatively freeing, even for just a few minutes, offers a change of pace that can drastically alter my state of mind. While poems may seem out of the ordinary, poetry is something my family knows well. 

Each year, my mom skips out on sending the traditional Christmas card and, instead, sends a poem. She somehow manages to capture what everyone has been up to over the course of the year and she does it in verse which is pretty interesting. While most people who meet me say I remind them of my dad, I somehow captured my mom’s ability to rhyme things.


While my poetic forays undeniably offer my mind a space to stretch and be free, the practice also serves as a remedy for homesickness. Sitting in Yakima, on the opposite sides of the country from my family, my strange little poems offer a way to reconnect with something familiar and pure, grounding me and, in the end, helping me to continue on my sometimes-stressful journey toward my dream of becoming a doctor. 

My advice to students struggling with the rigors of medical school: find a creative outlet and let your mind play in it. It may seem silly but, in the end, those freeing moments may help you fulfill your hard-earned dreams.

True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Bear Finds a Home

There was a young couple that really loved dogs. 
When it came to finding their own they decided they’d adopt. 
They started visiting the shelter and had been a few times
Wanting to bring every dog home they’d leave with tears in their eyes. 
But then something special happened on their third try
From the moment they spotted him they knew he was their guy. 

Within the same instant Bear definitely knew, 
His search for a forever home was quite possibly through. 
They kneeled down to pet him and scratched his nose through the cage. 
Talking excitedly about all the things they’d need to arrange. 
They loved his gold color; his smile couldn’t be beat. 
He was calm, mild mannered and undeniably sweet. 

Everything was going perfectly until they got awful news. 
Bear had to stay in the shelter for three more days, those were the rules. 
Everyone was upset, Bear was ready for a new home. 
The couple couldn’t imagine him staying in the shelter another night alone. 

But bear had a past that was something unique, 
Before arriving in the shelter poor Bear was living on the streets. 
To do everything correctly, they had to make sure he wasn’t claimed. 
He could only go home with them if no one stepped forward in the next three days. 


Wanting to do what was right the couple agreed. 
They asked if they could visit and even bring Bear some treats. 
The three days of waiting were torturous and long. 
They thought of kidnapping Bear but knew it would be wrong. 
Instead they crossed their fingers and hoped beyond hope, 
That by the end of the week Bear would be in their home. 

When no one else came and the three days were up, 
They went to get Bear who jumped immediately in their truck. 
A forever family and an adventure brand new, 
Bear couldn’t wait to see what the future would ensue. 

Fast forward a couple years and Bear’s been all over the U.S. 
He’s known as a giant bed hog whenever he gets rest. 
He spends time in the garden, on hikes, and long walks. 
He loves the beach where he swims and chases seagulls in flocks. 
For Bear everything worked out perfect in the end. 
If you ask the couple, they’d say they couldn’t have found a better friend.

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Amanda Rawson

Osteopathic Medical Student - 2nd year (OMS II)
College of Osteopathic Medicine
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