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Balancing Higher Learning and Healthy Living: 9 Small Steps, 1 Massive Reward

Growing up, I never thought of my favorite pastimes – such as biking, roller blading, basketball, football and baseball -- as forms of exercise but, instead, as enjoyable activities that I could engage in with my family and friends. I participated in them for one simple reason: I found them fun. Whether I realized it or not, however, these activities played a huge role in keeping me fit throughout my teenage years.

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How a Broken Finger Nearly Derailed the 2011 U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete of the Year

A broken finger is all it took to change my stress level. One broken finger and suddenly I was in a staring contest with depression. I had never been caught in a downward spiral quite like this one. Until this event, I had a pretty good grip on medical school. So, how did a single broken finger have such a drastic impact?

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